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MonRaye and I at Art Orientation

Art, Grandchildren and Friends

Boy!  It’s been awhile since I’ve written or updated my art blog.  Time goes by fast and life just takes ahold doesn’t it. I guess I decided to write about art again because I just got excited about it again.  It goes in spurts.  I’m not an artist who does this for a living, although […]

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Freedom Not in This World

The freedom I desire is not in this world.  I know this because I have sought hard after it.  I’ve placed myself in quiet areas, away from people and things and I can’t escape the reality that I live in a human body that cannot escape my human condition. The only rest I can have […]

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Another Day in Paradise…

  Boy, things never turn out the way you plan them to, do they?  My time to write has been cut down severely because I no longer have a small room where I can be alone.  Actually, being alone is something I really enjoy, but lately my husband is constantly wandering into whatever room I’m […]

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After The Move…

Wow!  It’s officially been a month since we moved into our new home!  I’ll be honest with you and admit that the last two months have been a blur.  From May 10th when our landlord walked in and told us we had 30 days to move, to me and my husband packing our entire household […]


This Old House: 1st Showing

  I’m off to unpack our belongings now.  I’m hopeful that I’ll be back creating art again very, very soon!


In the Middle of a Storm

Well, in my life, nothing has ever been stable for very long. Something always comes along to rock the boat once every few years…or every year…or every six months…or, more accurately, every month.  Anyway, I packed up my art room yesterday.  All of it.  Reason being, we have 27 days to find a new place to […]